Venezuelan deputies make tour to request intervention in their country


The president of the National Assembly in contempt and leader of Primero Justicia, Julio Borges, is in Europe to meet with the leaders of France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, and continue to call for foreign intervention in Venezuela.

Borges is next to the vice president of the AN, Freddy Guevara, confirmed that he will accompany Borges to expose "the work and denunciations of Lilian Tintori", to whom the Venezuelan authorities prevented him from leaving the country after finding him 200 million bolívares in cash in your vehicle.

Both right-wing leaders have already met with French President Emmanuel Macron in the city of Paris.

But what legitimacy does Macron have?

Macron won the presidency of France against the candidacy of Marine Le Pen with an abstention greater than 50% of the votes. His candidacy was supported by the European Union (EU), NATO, the financial system, the Clinton-Obama machinery, the French oligarchy, and the six most powerful media groups in the country.

Macron is also connected directly with the bank Rothschild & Cie, where I work for many years. In fact, Macron participated in the purchase of the division of Pfizer Babys by Nestlé, reason why it was praised in the means like "Mozart of the finances". However, Macron confessed that he knows nothing of finance, but is a friend of Brabeck (president of Nestlé).

Emmanuel Macron, therefore, is another "electoral product" that actually seeks the neoliberal deepening of the European Union's austerity policies. An example of this is his "labor reform" that opens the doors to layoffs and will take, according to his own statements, "from 18 to 24 months to give positive results."

They continue

Later, Borges and Guevara left for Madrid to meet with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who at the same time works new repressive methods to prevent the Catalans celebrate their referendum on independence on October 1st.

In addition, Borges and Guevara are expected to be welcomed in Berlin by German Chancellor Angela Merkel until they finally enter London, where they will hold a private meeting with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

Opponents are raising "the need for opening humanitarian aid to Venezuela and the urgency of reaching a solution to the crisis," according to an official statement released by its social networks.

Ber Vum