Presidential campaign advances in Honduras


The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Honduras opened the political campaign of the November 26 elections, in which two parties (Alianza Oppositora and the Liberal Party) will try to avoid the re-election of President Juan Orlando Hernández.

"From this date the candidates can go out to ask for the vote and start the propaganda by written, televised and radio media," said TSE president David Matamoros.

The campaign will run for 85 days until November 20, five days before the electoral process.

In this sense, the official said that "it is prohibited for politicians to use national symbols, heroes, themes, legends or religious symbols during the election campaign."

He also emphasized that "candidates can not denigrate or attack another candidate or political party, nor use advertising that seeks to exploit the image of children."


The main candidates to come to power are the Honduran President, Juan Orlando Hernández, who seeks reelection by the ruling National Party; Luis Zelaya of the Liberal Party, second force in the Parliament, and Salvador Nasralla, who leads the opposition alliance.

About 6 million Hondurans are called to the polls to elect a new head of state, three vice presidents, 128 deputies to the National Congress, 20 to the Central American Parliament with their respective alternates and 298 municipal corporations from the 18 departments of the Central American country.

The elections next November 26 will be the tenth generals since Honduras returned to democracy in 1980.

Ber Vum