North Korea: "We are capable of stabbing the US with a dagger of destruction"


North Korea is ready to submerge the United States (US) in case the American power decides to attack its territory.

"The invincible (North Korean) naval forces are united in the sense that they will bury the whole of the United States underwater if they dare to bring the cloud of war and aggression to this land," said the leader of the North Korean nation, Kim Jong-un.

During the celebrations of the Day of the Navy in North Korea, in its 68th edition, emphasized that the bellicose attitude of Washington does not contribute to relieve the tension in the peninsula.

North Korea on Saturday tested three short-range ballistic missiles amid US and South Korean naval maneuvers in the area.

"We are now able to stab South Korea and the US with a dagger of destruction anytime we want," said Kim Jong-un

Ber Vum