Militants of the Catalan independence present law of rupture with Spain


The Catalan independence parties "Junts Pel Sí" and the CUP have presented before the Parliament the "Law of Legal and Fundamental Transiency of the Republic" that seeks total disconnection with the Spanish State.

The law will be debated before October 1, when the celebrated sovereign referendum is scheduled to take place in Catalonia, and winning the "yes" would come into force immediately.

The legislation includes the withdrawal of the Spanish army from Catalonia, the acquisition of the new Catalan nationality and the re-distribution of debt. In addition, it is also established that Catalonia will have its own Supreme Court.

The reactions between the different political formations have not been expected. The president of the PP of Catalonia, Xavier García Albiol, has been the most forceful in showing his rejection, as he has described this law as "the founding law of the Catalan Bolivarian Republic" in reference to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Albiol added that "on October 2, although they weigh, Catalonia will continue to be Spain."