Guatemala: "From President to Delinquent"


Hundreds of Guatemalans this weekend demanded the resignation of President Jimmy Morales after Guatemala's Attorneyl and the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (an anti-corruption entity backed by the United Nations) reported that the president was involved in illicit financing During the campaign that led him to win the elections in 2015 and demanded to lift his immunity.

"Guatemalan with Ivan, Jimmy and their corrupt ones are gone," "Clown out, the circus belongs to you", "From president to delinquent", were some of the slogans of the demonstrators who remained outside the National Palace of Culture. 

The complaint states that the National Front of Convergence (FCN-Nación) party, of which Morales was its secretary-general, received funds for the campaign that were not reported to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). Guatemalan law punishes this crime with jail (between four and 12 years) and a fine ranging from 200,000 to 500,000 quetzales (about 27,510 to 68,775 dollars).

If the Supreme Court of Justice approves the request, Congress must form a commission to investigate if any indications to withdraw the president's immunity this week.

Iván "non grato"

For his part, President Jimmy Morales declared the president of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (Cicig), Iván Velasquez, ungrateful and ordered him to leave Guatemala immediately: "as president of the Republic, for the interests of the people Of Guatemala, the strengthening of a state of law, and the institutionality, I declare non grateful to Mr. Iván Velásquez," he said.

After the statement, the president "removed" Guatemalan Foreign Minister Carlos Raul Morales from his position and swore to Sandra Jovel, who had an arrest warrant issued in 2016, issued by the Guatemalan judiciary on the alleged irregular adoption of a baby in 2010. In this sense, the crimes presented were the falsification of private documents and false ideology.

But Ivan does not leave

However, the Guatemalan Constitutional Court on Sunday suspended the expulsion of the UN envoy against corruption in the country, Iván Velasquez, thus disavowing the exit order dictated by President Jimmy Morales.

The president of the Constitutional Court (CC), Francisco de Mata, said that the resolution must be notified immediately to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as to the holders of the Defense and Governance, as well as the director general of the National Civil Police (PNC), to avoid expulsion.

They Yes 

For his part, the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Aura Leticia Teleguario; The minitstra of Health, Lucrecia Hernandez Mack, and the deputy ministers of that branch, presented during the night of this Sunday their resignation to the cabinet of the president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales.

Ber Vum